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Modern defense 3D

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It's time to defend. Not with stupid bows and rocks but with GUNS, BIG guns! Defend your way to the top with Modern Defense 3D, a fully 3-dimensional tower defense game.
Bring your forces together and battle with hundreds of hours of fighting! When that isn't enough submit your score to our global Highscores and compare it with your friends!

Error Loading Image... Key Features:
-A shop to upgrade your towers (beyond normal upgrades)
-5 unique towers
-Each tower with 9 upgrades
-First person mode where you can either watch or actually control the tower!
-Both land and air enemies
-15 different types of enemies
-Local Highscores so you can try to beat your score over and global Highscores so you can beat your friend's scores!v -8 unique maps

-1.2 GHz dual-core processor
-1gb of ram
-2012 or newer device.
If your device does not meet or exceed these specifications we cannot guarantee you'll have a good playing experience. We do offer lower settings for those devices needing it.

Credit to anything we used that we, TdubStudios, did not create:

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  INTERNET - Used mostly for ads, however here at TdubStudios we record simple statistics, like run time/page views/app launches/etc, to our users for free. This also requires internet access to send the simple, non-personal, information to our servers.

  ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Used for ads. This simply sees if the user currently has a data connection or not.

  Read_PHONE_STATUS - Used to know when the pause the game when it goes into the background.

  MODIFY_OR_DELETE_USB_STORAGE - Used to write data on your internal phone's memory.

  CONTROL_VIBATION - Used to play vibrations.

  PREVENT_PHONE_FROM_SLEEPING - It's pretty straight forward, this allows us to prevent the phone from sleeping.

  TEST_ACCESS_TO_PROTECTED_STORAGE - Used to determine if we can write to your storage device.

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